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Tonight's episode. [Mar. 20th, 2005|11:27 pm]
Seattle L Word Community



I've got a few tests to study for, so this won't be eloquent:

* Mark is slime with greasy hair. He's also corny as hell. But I saw a preview of what's going to befall him, so I can't wait. ;)


* While I'm intrigued by that hottie mcnasty Helena, I'm well aware it's just Showtime's attempt at confusing the snot out of loyal Bette fans. Ain't working for me. YOU'RE GOING DOWN, PEABODY!

* Happy to see Bette gushing to have her ex back home. Even if it was fleeting happiness. I can't be the only one who loves the character, even when she's a notorious power-tripper and chronic fuck-up?

* I'm happy that Tina moved back in. So to speak. But does this mean she's moving right back out after tonight?

* Tonight's ep was extremely well-acted and written. Wow @ Alice's "I love you" moment.

* Bette needs to get her shit together and go in there like a FREAKING CHAMP and get her woman back! NO MERCY!!!


* Riding on the couch. Nuff said.

SHOWTIME KNOWS US TOO WELL. We're playing into every single one of their dramatic ironies.

They just need to keep this up all season. I was skeptical that trendier storylines and characters would ruin the spirit of the show, but thank god an ep like tonight came and proved me wrong. The superior production value is actually adding even more tension than was imagineable last season. And I'm a film school nerd, so I'll shut up now. Welcome/hey to everyone. :)

P.S. Sorry to those who've been on the "waiting list" to get into this community. It started as a joke, but now that there's other people interested, there's no sense in letting it go to waste. Spread the word!

[User Picture]From: adesire
2005-04-04 08:05 pm (UTC)
And now? After this week's episode? Bette is serious meat-marked material! It is kind of funny to see her reactions to it... obviously she is not into it because she wants to get back together with Tina... BUT, she did do that girl in NY AND she did go after the artist (until she found her girlfriend was there)... SO, what in the fuck is Bette doing? Just laying low around town to not put off bad vibes that get back to Tina JUST IN CASE?! OR is she starting to put her toes in the water again? I wish she would just grab those balls she obviously has between her legs and get with the Tina program and again! Take her, throw her (gently in her condition) against the wall and tell her that her life is over if they can't work it out together! Plus, she might want to start being less of an arrogant self-centered ass, that would always work too!
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